Molybdenum Silicide

Typical Properties:

Appearance:         Dark gray crystalline powder.

Specific Gravity:   6.31 (20 oC)

Melting Point:       1870-2030 oC (not affected by air up to 1648 oC)

Formula:              MoSi2

Properties: Not attacked by most inorganic acids, including aqua regia, but very soluble in hydrofluoric and nitric acids. Has high stress-rupture strength.

Derivation: By fusion of hydrogen-reduced molybdenum with silicon.

Forms: Powder. May be coated on materials by vapor deposition and by flame spraying.

Hazard: Tolerance (as Mo), 5 mg/m3.

Uses: Electrical resistors, protective coatings at high temperatures, engine parts in space vehicles (molybdenum coated with molybdenum disilicide.)

Fisher Size: 5.61 micron


            Mo                  63.42%

Impurities (Percent):

            Al                    0.08

            Ca                  0.001

            Cr                   0.001

            Cu                  <0.01

            Fe                    0.02

            Mg                  <0.01

            Mn                   0.01