Nickel 201 Composition

The low carbon version of Nickel 200. More suited for spinning and cold forming manufacturing processes. Nickel 200 is more appropriate for applications involving exposure to temperatures exceeding 600°F.

Nominal Composition in Percentage:

Ni                   99.00

Fe                   0.40

Si                    0.35

Mn                  0.35

C                    0.020

Cu                   0.25

S                    0.010

 UNS Number:


Other Standard Specifications:

AMS 5553, ASTM B162 


8.89 g/cm3 (0.321 lbs/in2)

Exceptional Properties:

High temperatures, resistance to many corrosive environments, high thermal and electrical conductivity.



*Nickel 201 is a Registered Trademark of Special Metals Corporation