Antimony, a silvery-white metal, is brittle with a large crystalline structure which make it somewhat difficult to work with. It can be cast to form rod but is too brittle to effectively form wire of small diameter. Its unmalleability make it unsuitable for rolling to form sheet or foil. Sheet could possibly be cast, but care must be taken as melting antimony releases toxic fumes. Antimony is mostly used in alloying other metals such as lead and tin, and as a trace element in copper-base alloys. In its high purity form it is used in the electronics and semiconductor industries

Typical Properties:

 Resistance to Specific Corroding Agents:

     Corroding Agent                     Resistance

     Air                                           Moderate general attack when air is moist
                                                    and light is present

     Alkalis and alkali salts                General attack

     Ammonia                                  Resistant

     Aqua Regia                               Severe general attack

     Carbon Dioxide                         Resistant

     Hydrochloric Acid                       Moderate attack in presence of air

     Hydrofluoric Acid                       Resistant

     Nitric Acid                                 Severe general attack

     Sulfuric Acid                              Severe general attack by warm concentrated acid;
                                                     resistant to cold or dilute acid