Tellurium Copper

Tellurium copper’s resistance to hydrogen embrittlement and high conductivity make it a good choice for electrical applications, especially those which require extensive machining. The addition of tellurium to copper results in short, clean chips and allows cutting speeds of five times those used with pure copper, with much less wear on tool life. Also, the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility are only slightly altered from pure copper. Typical applications include welding tips, switch gears, bolts and studs, and relay parts.

Typical Analysis in Percent:

              Copper (including tellurium)           Min. 99.9

              Phosphorus                                0.004 - 0.012

              Tellurium                                      0.4 - 0.7

Typical Physical Properties:

Electrical Conductivity: 90% IACS

Thermal Conductivity: 205 BTU/ft2/ft/hr/oF

Softening Temperature: Approximately 350 oC

Hot Formability: Good

Cold Formability: Good

Machinability (Free Cutting Brass = 100): 90

Soldering: Excellent

Brazing: Good


       Oxy-acetylene Welding:          Not Recommended

       Metal-arc Welding:                 Not Recommended

       Gas-shielded-arc Welding:      Fair

       Resistance Welding:               Not Recommended

       Resistance Butt Welding:        Fair

Typical Mechanical Properties:

                       Size             Tensile            Yield                 Elongation

                           Range          Strength        Strength

Temper               (in.)               (ksi)               (ksi)                (%)

Half Hard          1/16 to ¼              38                   30                     8

                      over ¼ to 2⅝          38                   30                    12


Hard                1/16 to ¼               48                  40                      4

                     over ¼ to 1¼           44                  38                      8

                     over 1¼ to 3            40                  35                      8