Silver - Sterling



Sterling Silver is an alloy composed of at least 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% is almost always copper because, in general, other metals have proved less desirable and are less effective hardeners. Sterling silver is a good conductor of heat and electricity and has good machinability, malleability and ductility.



Typical Properties:


Composition in percent:

            Ag       92.5

            Cu       7.5


Density: 10.36 g/cm3

Liquidus temperature: 788 oC

Solidus temperature: 891 oC


Thermal expansion (20 ºC): 1.9*10-5 oCˉ1

Specific heat capacity: 0.245 kJ/kg*K

Electrical conductivity (IACS): 96 %


Tensile strength (annealed): 207 MPa

Yield strength (annealed): 124 MPa

Elongation (annealed): 41 %


Tensile strength (wire, annealed): 283 MPa

Elongation (wire, annealed): 40 %

Hardness (wire, annealed): 71 HV


Tensile strength (wire, 1/2 hard): 386 MPa

Hardness (wire, 1/2 hard): 95 HV


Tensile strength (wire, full hard): 496 MPa

Hardness (wire, full hard): 123 HV


Tensile strength (wire, spring hard): 552 MPa

Hardness (wire, spring hard): 140 HV